UPDATE: The men in the video claim the entire thing was fake. According the The Blaze, the men claim the footage was for a horror movie.

() A disturbing video showing a South Korean woman on a sofa in a night club being increasingly harassed by two Western men is causing a stir this week. The video has spurred a heated discussion about Western expats in the country — while others are even criticizing the victim herself.

The video begins with what appears to be the woman minding her own business while the men start recording her close up and making sexual comments about her body as if she were non-existent.

“Look at her f**king legs,” one of them says as the camera then pans up to her chest, while the other man brushes aside her hair to reveal a low-cut top.

The woman appears inebriated as the men touch her face, one even putting his finger up her nose and then into her mouth as she mildly protests.

The men then criticize the state of the woman’s teeth and say, “why the f**k don’t you get plastic surgery like every other f**king Korean little b**ch.” The woman at this point is more alert and combative against the men who are physically and verbally assaulting her.

Watch the video that has been reposted to YouTube for now (Content warning: strong language and disturbing images):

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