A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan is coming to REAL Radio 104.1 beginning Wednesday, July 9th!

Listen to Tom and Dan's announcement on the Monsters this morning.  



"We are very happy to welcome Tom & Dan back to Real Radio 104.1.  Their new hour-long show "A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan" will air at 7pm on Wednesdays, immediately after the Philips Phile.  We will then present a Real Radio Replay of  each show every Saturday at 10am.  HUGE thanks to Gibson Truck World & Off Lease Financial for sponsoring this new show and making it possible.  In case you miss both airings of A.C.T. it will then be available on-line for your listening pleasure.  Thanks to the Clear Channel team who worked behind the scenes to make this happen and thanks to the listeners who have shown great enthusiasm following the announcement of this new project.  On behalf of Tom, Dan, and all of Real Radio, thank you for your continued support!"

Jack Bradshaw

Assistant Program Director