O.J. Simpson (C), flanked by his attorneys Johnnienewser

(NEWSER) – An LAPD spokesman has confirmed a TMZ report that detectives are investigating a knife said to have been found on the former estate of OJ Simpson—possibly a weapon involved in the stabbings that killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, the AP reports. LAPD Capt. Andy Neiman said the knife was allegedly found by a construction worker, maybe during the home's 1998 demolition, and turned over to an off-duty cop moonlighting at a nearby movie shoot who kept it as a souvenir, the New York Times reports.

That officer retired in the late 1990s, per ABC News. Neiman said the department first got wind of the knife within the last month, but he cautions that "maybe the story is bogus from the get-go." The knife "has been submitted to our lab [and] they are going to study it and examine it for all forensics, including serology and DNA and hair samples."

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