Just some of the movies...



Dangerous liaisons. Uma Thurman best rack in Hollywood

Malibu Bikini Shop

10 with Bo Derek

Mischief. 1 Brief second of full frontal female nudity. Wore out that spot on the tape!

In elementary, boob slip in movie - Batteries Not Inluded.

Revenge of the nerds was my first boobs in a movie. MIC

The color of money

Cindy morgan in caddyshack


Gator bait


Used cars

Any Pam Grier flick

Private lessons

Nukem high

How about Hollywood Knights?

Old texas chainsaw massacre

Illegal in blue stacey dash is naked through the whole movie

Gator bait

Big. Tom hanks

Hotdog the movie ski school the movie


Gator bait

Poltergeist scared the shit out if me

Children of the Corn- scared the shit outta me. Lol

Revenge of the nerds. The panty raid scene!


Gator bait

Color of night, basic instinct & roadhouse

Gator bait

Here's a throwback for ya .... Back in the day playboy channel came in scrambled but I would watch the aerobics in thongs .........,, oh man ...... 

Trading places

I saw eyes wide shut with my stepmom when I was 15. Talk about graphic and uncomfortable. And that was in the theater.

Fast times ridgemont high Pheobe Cates

Gator bait

Purple rain

Lady in red was the first muff shot Gator bait Stripes! Revenge of the nerds Revenge of the nerds 48 hours Benny hill Total recall Mine was the porn version of cinderella Heavy metal animated boobs The Howling Animal house! Animal House Hard bodies Revenge of the Nerds

Titanic The movie 10..Bo Derek Zapped. Titanic Friday the 13th. Get laid then die Not another teen movie Revenge of the nerds..."We have Bush!" 48 hours. Beverly Hills cop They were the only network that would actually show DuranDuran girls on film that had nudity in itJoysticks and Hardbodies were 2 skin flicks from back in the day. Caddyshack lace under alls Animal House USA up all night SBK! Hellz yeah!... All 3 were mine! LadyChatterly,Emmmanuel &Porky's! The late 80's hate USA up all night. Cheesey t n a movies lol. Blue lagoon It was called up all night and it was on USA network. It was hosted by Gilbert Gottfried some other lady Flight night later became up all night with Rhonda Shear on the USA network