House Calls with Dr. Butch

Show #27 01.14.17 and Show Notes

Show #25 1.7.17

Show #24 11.12.16

Show #23 11.05.16

Show #22 10.29.16

Show #21 10.22.16

Second Opinion Chaperone

Show #19 09.24.16

House Calls with Dr. Butch

Each week Dr. Butch Rosser, and Physician Assistant Robyn Gardner will bring medical issues to the forefront in a down to earth, entertaining program that demystifies diagnosis and treatment of some of the most common and uncommon medical ailments. Seasoned radio host Russ Rollins helps to “keep it real” by representing listeners and their point of view. All of this is done with an "edutainment" style that is engaging,empowering and inspirational.

Dr. Butch and the crew will discuss medical issues in the news, answer listeners’ email, take phone calls, and interview physicians and other specialists about medical issues that matter to everyone.


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