Bangkok -  (In  fact part of the same suggestion – (Butte (MT), beavers, Bushnell (FL), booby traps)

Capital of Thailand – a predominantly Buddhist nation since 1782.  IN fact the most Buddhist nation, although the government is secular.  Bangkok was the setting for the King and I … also (because it’s the same story)  Anna and the King.  The Thai call it Krung  Thep.  Lowest recorded temperature 50 degrees.

Butte, MT – Home of Robert Craig – Call me Evel – Kneivel.  Holds the Guiness record for breaking 433 bones during his lifetime.  The 4th weekend of July have been Evel Knievel days in Butte since 2002. 

Beavers – mainly nocturnal.  World’s second largest rodent.  Estimates of between 6 to 12 million in North American – Most in Canada.

Bonneville Salt Flats run by the US governments Bureau of Land Management the Salt Flats used to be part of the much larger Lake Bonneville that has become The Great Salt Lake.  The Salt Flats are home to some of the highest land speed records.  The salt does not allow for quick 0-60 speeds, but the 40 square miles give you time to get up to high speeds.  The fastest wheel powered vehicle (as opposed to jet cars) went 470 miles per hour … for a mile in 2001.  The fastest electric car reached 303 miles per hour.

Bingo – dates to the 16th Century in Italy. Then travelled to France, Germany (where it’s used as a teaching tool for math and science) and eventually to Pennsylvania.  The modern game was granted a copyright in 1930.  Decriminalized in Massachusetts in 1931 so that churches and charities could use it to raise money.  

In Spite of stories I had heard … BEANO as an alternative was an attempt to get around the copyright not to laws that outlawed gambling.

Black Beard – Edward Teach.  Pirate commander of The Queen Anne’s Revenge was only a pirate from 1716-1718.  He would put lit cannon fuses under his hat to create a more ferocious appearance. May have been the inspiration for the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Brussels – Capital of Belgium.  Home to 1.1 million people.

Brussels Sprouts – A cabbage cultivar that can be traced back to Ancient Rome.  Netherlands produces the most today.

Butterflies – rest with their wings above their body.  Moths rest with their closed on their bodies.  Butterfly wings are made of tiny scales that cannot be identified at less than 20 times magnification.  The scales look like ridged potato chips. At 200 times magnification.

B- Sides – the second song on a 78 or 45 RPM record.  Elvis had 26 singles where BOTH the A and B sides made the Top 40.  The Beatles had 14 of those “Double A” singles, Pat Boone 10. 

B Movies – Named similarly to the B side of a single.  B movies had dramatically lower budgets and were meant to be the second half of a double feature in the 1930s, and 40s.  The Modern definition really applies the term to a low budget film. 

Bowling/Bocce – dates back to Ancient Egyptians.  The modern bowling alley came to the US in NYC in 1895.  The US Bowling Conference cites the following benefits to bowling “burning calories, exercising little used muscle groups, tendons, joints and ligaments, psychosocial benefits and creating friendships.

Booby Prize/Booby Trap --  Blue Footed Booby – all come from the Spanish for Bobo --  for stupid or foolish.  Booby Prize has been listed in the OED since 1893.

BandAids ® - Always called BandAid Brand by Johnson and Johnson.  Created in 1920 by Earle Dickson, because his wife kept burning and cutting herself in the kitchen. 

Bagpipes – Although we think of the Scots and the Irish and even the British and Canadians as bagpipe players … “Playing the pipes” is an ancient musical phenomenon. 

Bagpipes are popular across most all of Europe and most likely began as an instrument around the Mediterranean during the first half of the Egyptian empire.

Nero was said to have played pipes with both his mouth .. and armpit.

A marginally sophisticated instrument.  A bagpipe has more moving parts than most direct play woodwinds and reeds. 

A bagpipe is played by filling a bag with air and then forcing it out through a chanter … or melody pipe that looks more or less like a recorder.  The sound is made as the air is forced over a reed at the top of the chanter and the notes are played by covering holes with the fingers of both hands.

But as you listen to a bagpipe there is definitely more going on … the pipe or pipes that stick out of the top of a bagpipe are called drones … and they are also producing standard notes as the air is forced out of the bag.

Unlike direct play instruments that have rest notes during a breath… bagpipes play constantly.

Ready for the questions ?

1)   In May of 2012,  the largest bagpipe orchestra was formed with 333 players in traditional costume in the city of Sophia in what former Soviet Block nation ?  Bucharest, Bulgaria, Bhutan  




2)   Bulgaria is considered the gateway to the Balkan Peninsula and Greece, Serbia and Croatia.  All of the Balkan nations have a variation of what dessert made with alternating sheets of phyllo pastry and chopped nuts and butter covered in a honey glaze?  




3)   Baklava is amazingly delicious and would satisfy the sweet tooth of what real animal from Australia? Bandersnatch, Bandicoot, Bongo (African antelope), Blue-footed Booby (New World bird between Galapagos and Central America)


Bandicoot- omnivorous marsupial—look like a rat.


4)     The Bandersnatch is not real … the creation of a writer named Charles Dodgson – better known as Lewis Carrol. What was the title of his 1872 SEQUEL to Alice in Wonderland that included a poem about the Bandersnatch? 


Through the Looking Glass

5)   Looking Glass had their biggest hit 100 year later.  The band formed at Rutgers in 1969 had only one #1 hit about what girl whose eyes could steal a sailor from the sea? 



6)   What type of stemware, with a wide base and narrower top is designed for aged beverages like brandy or whiskey?


Snifter – a well-designed snifter can be laid on its side and hold the proper pour without spilling.


7)   Other famous snifters … include Bloodhounds.  What TV character of the 1960s had a Bloodhound named Duke… who theoretically accompanied him when he was a shootin for some food? 


Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies


8)   Adjusted for inflation, Beverly Hills Cop had the second best showing worldwide of Eddie Murphy’s career in 1984.  What one movie sequel outperformed Beverly Hills Cop at the Box Office?  It came out in 2004 … and I feel Eddie made something of a jackass of himself in a supporting role. 


Shrek 2


9)    Shrek is an ogre and in the first film he famously suggests that he is like what type of bulb vegetable?  




10)        What two countries produce more onions than the UniteD States?  One has over 250 Million Buddhists, the other has 800 million Hindi. 


China and India


11)        Although China has the most Buddhists of any country, what country of South East Asia boasts that 95% of their 66 million in population is Buddhist?