Clarence Clemons – died at age 69 in 2011.  One of The Three Most Important People in the World in the future scenes of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Captain and Tennille – Daryl Dragon was the keyboardist for The Beach Boys. Cathryn Antoinette Tennille was for a short time the only female Beach Boy. They married in 1975.  They are 73 and 71.  They are Vegans. Their biggest hit was their first “Love Will Keep Us Together.”  Toni Tennille sang backing vocals on Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Chattanooga – 4th largest city in Tennessee.  It is along the Georgia border.  Glenn Miller Band recorded the most successful version of “Chattanooga Choo Choo”  Chattanooga is home to the only Callard & Bowser plant for the production of Altoids – since 2007.

Cincinnati – named for The Society of Cincinnatus – a Roman Statesman who voluntarily stepped down from power to ensure democracy.  That society honored George Washington – The modern Cincinnatus. Third largest city in Ohio.  Along the Kentucky border. The Cincinatti airport is in Kentucky.  Home to the first professional baseball club (1869 – Red Stockings)  and the first full time fire fighters in 1853.

Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr – Died Christmas Day 1977 at 88 years old.  4 marriages, 11 children.  Married daughter of Eugene O’Neill – Oona – who was 36 years younger in 1944- 8 children.  The youngest when he was 72.  Made the Great Dictator in 1939.  The Tramp first appeared in 1914.      

Cucumber – a gourd, also a fruit.  Native to the Indian Sub-continent.  China, Iran, Turkey and Russia grow more than US.  Guns, Germs, and Steel is talking about cultivated plants and how that affected the development of societies – I am reading this 1999 book .

Cheetah – 0-60 in 3 seconds. Speeds up to 75 MPH. Not considered a true big cat.  Cannot roar… can purr.  Big Cats are the opposite.  Claws are only semi-retractable. Tear marks from corners of eyes along the side of nose reduce glare.  Found in Africa, the Middle East and India.

Cheerios – created as CheeriOats in 1941.  Renamed in 1945.  Created in Buffalo, NY.   Owned by General Mills.  Honey Nut 1979, Frosted Cheerios in 1995, Chocolate in 2005.

Checkers date back to 3000 BC.  Called Draughts in UK.  Modern game features “Flying Kings”. 

Chinese Checkers – dates back to just 1892 … in Germany.  The name Chinese Checkers was a US marketing ploy dating to 1928.

Cactus – Native to the Americas, Africa and Sri Lanka.  They are unique among plants because they do not have leaves.  1,500 to 1,800 species.  Most open stoma ONLY at night to collect Carbon Dioxide. This dramatically reduces the amount of water loss.  CO2 is required for  photosynthesis.

Canberra is the Capital of Australia.  A compromise between politicians of Syndey and Melbourne.  Chosen in 1908.  Today a city of over 350,000.  Either named for an Aboriginal word meaning meeting place or an Anglicized Aboriginal word for “the place between a woman’s breasts”.   You decide.

Costa Rica.  A Central American democracy since 1950.  One of the most populous countries (4.5 million) without any military.  Banned recreational hunting in 2012.   Literacy rate 95%.

Capybara – largest rodent.  Native to South America East of the Andes.  2 feet tall, 3 ½ to 4 feet long weighs up to 150 pounds.  GIANT Guinea Pig. Social animal lives in herds of up to 100.  Since the 16th Century Roman Catholics have been allowed to eat capybara during Lent.

Clydesdale – a breed of working horse from Scotland.  Budweiser (through INbev) keeps a herd of 250 Clydesdales.  Busch Gardens have their own Clydesdales… but not Budweiser Clydesdales.    

Celebration, FL – Since the summer of 1996.

Not a city or town.  The 7,427 residents live in unincorporated Osceola County. Shares a Zip code with Kissimmee.  Which is why there is NOT a Main Street in Celebration.  Osceola already has one.

Since it is not a town – it does not have a police department, fire department or Mayor/city manager.  It has residential and non-Residential Home Owners Associations.  And a Management company.  

Highest elevation 82 feet above sea level. Median age of residents 37 years old.

NOT owned by Disney.  Built and designed by Disney but not owned.  Disney does own the telephone and electrical utilities.

There is a Celebration School K-8 – since 97 and a Celebration High School (Home of The Storm) since 2003.  There are 174 beds at Celebration Hospital.

Ready for the Questions ? 

  1. What central Florida University, named for its benefactor, has a campus in Celebration?  


Stetson – Originally named Deland University for Henry DeLand.


  1. Stetson’s mascot is named John B in honor of John B Stetson. Stetson made his money in the hat trade.  What was hiis signature hat called?  Boss of the Plains, Chief of the Prairie, Honcho of the Mesa, Master of the MidWest 


Boss of the Plains.  He made a Ten Gallon Hat, a Cowboy hat and hats for Mounties, the Rangers and US Cavalry.


  1. The Boss … is Bruce Springsteen…  or George Steinbrenner. But the Boss of the land of the Northwest must be Kelsey Grammer.  He played the title role in two seasons of a TV series called Boss that was created in 2011 and 12 for Starz.  Grammer played the mayor of what  major city that is home to an NHL, NBA, NFL and two Major League baseball teams and Northwestern University.  




  1. Northwestern’s Wildcats are the most successful team of the Century so far in what sport?  The Woman’s team has won 7 National championships in the last nine seasons.  They are the only team outside of the Eastern Time Zone to win an NCAA Championship?




  1. Which state’s city or town of La Crosse is the most populous?  Florida (360), Georgia (20), Virginia (618), Washington (313), Wisconsin.


Wisconsin (51,467)


  1. Wisconsin does NOT lead the country in the production of what agricultural product?  Cheese, Cranberries, Ginseng (97%), Milk


  1. Milk.  They are second after California.


  1. Californication was an album in 1999 for what Los Angeles rock band? Californication was a term coined in the 1960s to describe the negative effects of rapid development.


Red Hot Chili Peppers


  1. According to the US Department of Agriculture Red Hot Chili Peppers provide 173% of the daily recommended dosage of what vitamin that is considered a significant anti-oxidant and a natural blood anti-histamine?


Vitamin C


  1. Vitamin C was the stage name of Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick.  In the 1990s Colleen was the front woman for what alternative rock band named for the actress who played Jan Brady on the Brady Bunch.  


Eve’s Plum




  1. The Three Faces of Eve was a 1957 film that earned what future Mrs Paul Newman her only Best Actress Oscar?


 Joanne Woodward – she and Paul Newman were married for 50 years until he died in 2008.


  1. Joanne Woodward earned a Best Actress nomination for Sybil in 1976 and was part of a 1980 made for TV production of The Shadow Box.  Also in 1980 Kool and the Gang had their only #1 hit on the US Pop Chart.  What was this song ? 


Celebration ! from the album Celebrate.  Kool and the Gang had many #1 hits on the R & B charts.