Denim- a French fabric that is traditionally dyed only on the welt side. Denim is from the French De Nimes – or from Nimes.  From 1973-1975 Volkswagen made Jeans Beetle with all the upholstery and trim in denim. 

Doughnuts originally dough nuts were small balls of dough.  What we would call doughnut holes.  Doughnuts got progressively larger until a sailor decided that he was tired of the raw dough in the middle and cut the center out before cooking. 

Cake doughnuts are 20% lower in fat than the denser yeast doughnuts.

The donuts spelling first appeared in print in 1900.

Dragonflies – Rear wings larger than the forward wings.  INsectavores.  Fastest recorded speed for an insect.  UP to 35 MPH.  Lay eggs in the water.  Larvae live up to 5 years in the water.  Adults live about 6 months.

Deep Purple – From Hertford.  Biggest hit Smoke on the Water peaked at #4 in the US.  Biggest album 1972’s Machine Head.  Listed in Guinness Book of records as The Globe’s Loudest Band.  Touring with the Now What?  Tour. Closest tour spot.  Glasgow.

Dingoes – Native to Australia and SouthEast Asia.  A Grey Wolf subspecies.  Meryl Strep earned her 8th Oscar nomination for “A Cry in the Dark” in 1988.  

Doobie Brothers formed in Northern California in 1970. Big album Black Water.  First #1  What a Fool Believes.  Early fan base… Hells Angels. 

Djibouti – A city and tiny country in the horn of Africa.  Slightly larger than New Jersey.  A French Colony until 1977.  A Presidential Republic with both a President and a Prime Minister – appointed by the President. HOT year round.  Average low 80… average high 92.  There are only 17 days of rain a year on average. 

Didgeridoo – a 1500 year old instrument native to Indigenous Australians.  A traditional didgeridoo uses a tree or large branch of a eucalyptus tree hollowed out by termites.  Beeswax is used to seal the mouth to the end of the didgeridoo.  Didgeridoo is an onomatopoeia.  Players are found to reduce sleep apnea and snoring.  July 31st is Uncommon Instrument Day, according to my brother David.

Charles Darwin – Was 22 when he sailed with The Beagle for 5 years.  He published On the Origin of Species when he was 50. Then he grew the beard. 

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia – Named for Charles Darwin by the crew of the Beagle in 1839, on a later journey that Darwin was not a part of.  This city of 129,000 is mainly newer construction.  The city was bombed by the Japanese fleet three weeks after Pearl Harbor. 

Dalmatians – a companion dog that can be trained for rescue and guard dog work.  Roots trace back to the nomadic peoples of Dalmatia, an area within modern Croatia.  Breed developed in the 19th Century in Britain.  Born white.  Develop colored spots at about three weeks. They live about 11 – 13 years on average.  Weigh up to 70 pounds.  Have a genetic predisposition to deafness.  1956 – the book 101 Dalmatians, in 1961 the Disney cartoon film and the 1996 live action film starring Glenn Close, Jeff Daniels and Hugh Laurie.

Dr Demento – Barry Hansen from Minneapolis, MN -Got his start in an LA radio station.  Played occasional novelty songs.  Lived with the band Spirit for a few years after earning his Master’s degree in folklore and ethnomusicology.  Started a weekly two hour novelty show in 1974 it was syndicated from 1978-1992 by Westwood One.  We heard it at 10 pm on Sunday night.

Dubai – The most populous of the United Arab Emirates (and only Abu Dhabi is larger).  HOT.  DRY ! Only 2 inches of rain on average between May and October.   Do NOT try to smuggle drugs.  Trace amounts of drugs found on shoes, clothes of pocket link have resulted in possession convictions. 

Dutched Chocolate – the dutching process lightens the color and the bitterness of pure chocolate by using a chemical alkalizing agent to neutralize the pH.  The process reduces the anti-oxidants.  

Denmark – The Danes are Scandinavian but attached to continental Europe on the Jutland peninsula.  Most of Denmark is on one of 407 islands or Greenland.  5.6 million Danes.  They create 25% of their electrical needs from wind turbine farms in the North Sea. They are also the leading crude oil producer in Europe.  They have a constitutional monarchy.  Queen Magrethe since 1972.  Magrethe illustrated the Danish translation of Lord of the Rings.   

John DeLorean – After serving in the Army from 1943-46 worked at Chrysler, Packard and GM before founding DeLorean Motor Company. Although best known for the DMC-12 (9,000 built from 1981-1982) – featured in Back to Future in 1985.  He was also part of the team that brought the Pontiac GTO to market.  And the Chevy Nova and Vega. Oops.

Frederick Douglass -  An escaped slave from Maryland.  He was taught to read by the wife of his master when he was a pre-teen.  She was admonished not to teach him… “because if they learn to read they will become dissatisfied with their lot a slaves” He eventually bought his freedom after his escape with donations from British supporters. 

Daft Punk – French Duo.  Biggest hit “Get Lucky”  from Random Access Memory.  Got their first record deal after meeting an exec at a EuroDisney Rave.

Depeche Mode – English electronic music group. Founded in 1977.  Biggest hit #1 – “People Are People” #1 in Germany… only reached #13 in US.

Duran Duran – British band founded in 1978.  Took A View to a Kill to #1 – first #1 (and only) hit for a Bond Theme in 1985. Band named for the villain in Barbarella.  First US #1 hit – The Reflex. 1984

Die Fledermaus – does not belong on the list of recommendations… but it made me laugh when I saw it.  Die is The in German.  The name of the Johann Strauss operetta translates as The Bat.

Stephen Decatur Jr – We should know who Stephen Decatur is. A true naval hero of the Quasi-War, First and Second Barbary Wars and the War of 1812.   

One story of many – The US warship USS Philadelphia was captured by the sailors of the Barbary Coast – who are often described as pirates but were really doing the work of the local leaders.  Decatur leads a raid against the badly damaged ship sitting in the harbor Tripoli. 

He managed to subdue the guard force and scuttle and burn the ship to keep it from being repaired and used against the US without losing a man.  Lord Nelson described it as the “the most bold and daring act of the Age”.

He was killed in a duel with a fellow naval captain when he was 41.

Five US naval vessels have been named for Decatur.  He was on a 2 cent stamp while FDR was President at his insistence. Decatur’s home at Lafayette Square in DC is a part of the National Trust.  

46 Communities in the US were named for Stephen Decatur. 

Decatur, Georgia is a suburb of Atlanta and the county seat of DeKalb county. Decatur was founded 2 years after his death. Decatur County Georgia was founded a year later and is on the Florida Border where US 27 enters the state.  The County seat of Decatur County is Bainbridge, named for the captain of the USS Philadelphia and the man who was the second at duel that killed Decatur.


Ready for the Questions?

  1. Decatur, Georgia is not the largest Decatur. 19,335 people live in the County seat of DeKalb County.  Which state is home to the most populous Decatur that claims to the Soybean Capital of the World? Deactur City, IA (197) ; Decatur, AL (55,683); Decatur, IL; Decatur, IN (9,405)  


Decatur, Illinois


  1. Decatur, Illinois and its 76,122 residents is closest in population to which of these cities?  Djibouti (792, 198) ; Darwin, Australia (129,000) ; Duluth, MN or Dubai (2 million)


 Duluth, MN is about 15% more populous – with 86, 265.


  1. Duluth was named for Daniel Greysolon.  A French Explorer who referred to himself as the Sieur du Lhut.  Or Gentleman of Lhut… which isn’t a place.  Duluth, GA is named for Duluth, MN.  Duluth is the second largest seaport on what largest fresh water lake in North America?


  1. Superior.  Although either the largest or second largest lake in the world if you count the Caspian Sea as a Lake.


  1. Veronica Lake was the stage name for Frances Ockleman in the 1940s.  One of her best roles was in 1946’s film noir – The Blue Dahlia.  In the movie what was the Blue Dahlia?  A favorite flower, the nickname of a movie star, a nightclub, a Russian ballet.  


A nightclub


  1. A nightclub owned by one of the main characters in the film. The Blue Dahlia was a classy place where you wouldn’t get a Flaming DR Pepper. (a shot of amoretto and Bacardi151 lit on fire and dropped into a beer)  But if you want to light alcohol what is the minimum proof? 


80 proof.  40 % ABV


  1. Carlsberg is a brewing company that makes a “Special Brew” of their beer at 18 proof.  9% ABV.  Carlsberg is from what country that exports more Pork than any other European country?  




  1. What percentage of Denmark’s electricity comes from Wind Turbines in the North Sea? 




  1. 25% is pretty good for electrical production.  Not as good for car production.  Which of these was John DeLorean NOT a part of the production team for?  Pontiac GTO, Chevy Vega, Ford Pinto, Chevy Nova 


Pinto -- Iacocca was at the helm at Ford when they developed the Pinto… he doesn’t brag about that.


  1. DeLorean Motor Company managed to produce 9,000 DMC-12 during their production run.  Were more sold before or after the release of Back to the Future? 


Before – in fact all were originally sold before.  Production only lasted from 1981-1982.  Back to the Future was released in 1985.



  1. John DeLorean was never sentenced to jail time for his drug trafficking arrest in 1982.  Although he might have been convicted of possession of cocaine in what Constitutional monarchy of the United Arab Emirates that is home to the World’s Largest Mall and was the world’s 7th most visited city in 2010. 


Dubai --  people have been imprisoned for trace amounts of cocaine on their shoes, clothes and in pocket link.


  1. You can, however buy some really good quality jeans in Dubai.  The fading patterns of denim have specific names.  What part of the body will you find the fade pattern known as whiskers?


The hips/groin.