Ecuador Since 2008, its Constitution has included “The Rights of Nature”  Our Supreme Court has determined that corporation are people… theirs that a tree is a person. 

Ethiopia – Most populous landlocked nation. 91 million. Population started 5,000 years ago.  Capital Addis Ababa -7,000 feet of elevation.  Temperature year round 50-75 degrees.  46 inches of rain a year. 

Escargot – land snails.  One of the earliest prepared foods. Cooked outside the shell and then served in the shells.   $300 million a year business in US.

Electric Eel – Not an actual eel.  In fact the South American knifefish is more closely related to the catfish.  BUT HAS NO GILLS ! It breathes air from the surface.   

Eggplant – considered a berry.  Nightshade family.  Used in the recipe for moussaka and ratatouille.  China grows dramatically more eggplant than any other nation.  20 pounds of eggplant has about as much nicotine as a  cigarette.

Eatonville – One of the country’s first all-Black towns formed following the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.  Named for white landowner Josiah Eaton who sold the land.

Einstein – born in Germany.  Became famous while a Swiss citizen.  Became American in 1940 following the rise of Adolf Hitler.  Einstein joined the NAACP in 1946.

Equestrian – Events in the first modern Olympics in 1900.  Returned in 1912 and every Olympiad since. Three event groups – Dressage, jumping and cross-country.

Easter Island – known as Rapa Nui to the native population.  Named by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen in 1722.  Record low temperature 37 degrees.  The Moai (Mow eye) represented the spirits of ancestors and faced inland – backs to the sea. They originally had eyes made of coral.   Most remote island on earth.  1,289 miles from next inhabited island – Pitcairn (which has 52 residents).  Its 2,182 miles from mainland Chile.

Eggtoberfest , Big Green Egg – The 16th Eggtoberfest will be held October 11th- 12th in Stone Mountain, about 5 miles from company headquarters in Tucker, GA.  Registration began August 6th.

Eagle – the term is used in golf for a 2 under par hole – because it’s a Big Bird.  Birdie is traced back to a late 19th century under par hole for a golfer who struck a bird on his tee shot. Three under is a double eagle – or Albatross (an even bigger bird) and a four under (never accomplished in tournament play) would be a Condor.

ee cummings – Edward Estlin Cummings.  Born in Cambridge, MA.  Graduated from Harvard.  Drove an ambulance in WWI.  He frequently used capital letters.  It was publishing decision to use all lower case.  He did not prefer the decision.

Echo – named for a Greek nymph.  She was given the job of constantly talking to Hera so that she would not catch Zeus having affairs. When found out, Hera cursed her so that she could only repeat what others said. 

Etruscans – Tuscan neighbors of the early Romans.  Rome was most likely built by outcast Etruscans. 

Eritrea – home of the ancient kingdom of Punt – about 5,000 years ago.

Ezra Pound – American poet born in Idaho territory in 1885.  Died in 1972 after being imprisoned as a traitor for 12 years following his anti-American speeches on behalf of Benito Mussolini during WWII.

Edinburgh – Capital of Scotland.  Population of 495,360 .  Home to the most attended arts festival in the world.  Started in 1947, the Edinburgh Fringe attracts 1.8 million visitors a year.   Started August 2nd – Running through the 26th.  Simultaneously – The Edinburgh Art Festival starts tomorrow, the Ediburgh Book Festival is going on and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo last through August.

Emu – largest bird native to Australia, standing 6 feet tall.  Although similar to Africa’s Ostrich, Emus are slightly smaller and have feathers all the way up their neck. Emus have 3 toes, ostriches two.  There are approximately 1 million emus in the US.

Elephant – Two species of elephant. 

African have larger ears, a more sloping forehead, a concave back and two finger like extensions at the end of their prehensile trunks. 

Asian Elephants have a pronounced bulge at the top of their heads, smaller ears, convex backs and only one extension on their trunks.

The largest elephants are bulls and can reach 7 and a half tons. 

Females gestate for approximately 24 months. 

****** Mature content *******

This follows 45 seconds of copulation.

 Bulls mount females. Bulls have an enormous S shaped penis over 3 feet long and 6 inches in girth at the base. The penis operates using muscles that work separately from the hips.

 Females have a clitoris that is over a foot long.   There is frequent homosexual activity amongst elephant population.  Females use their trunks on one another without mounting.  Males will mount each other but not penetrate.

During sexual season bulls will enter musth and secrete a fluid from glands on the sides of their heads.  During musth, elephants are much less predictable.

Elephant tusks are modified incisors.  Baby elephants have baby teeth that fall out and are replaced with tusks.  They grow molars at the back of their mouths throughout their lives and they simply push forward as they wear down.

Almost all of the world’s 16,000 working elephants (not performing … working) are Asian elephants.  They can learn up to 30 commands.  Perform simple tasks that would be hard to do with equipment in water and wet earth conditions. 

The War elephants of Alexander the Great, Ptolemy and Hannibal were Asian elephants.

Elephants are used to create “Black Ivory” coffee.  The beans are harvested after they are eaten.

Elephants can carry, suffer from and transmit to humans… tuberculosis.

Ready for the Questions?

  1. An elephant is pregnant for about how many months?  12, 15, 18, 24   


24 Months


  1. That is about 4 times longer than it takes horseradish to grow from a cutting of the root of last year’s crop. What state is home to the city that claims the title Horseradish Capital of the World?  The city name translates as Clear Water into English.  The state capital is named for a US president.


Eau Clair, Wisconsin.


  1. Eau Clair is a lot closer to Minneapolis that it is to Oshkosh, WI.  But Oshkosh is home to my favorite topic request of the week.  A listener was in Oshkosh this week and posted from the EAA – or Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure.  How many homebuilt aircraft were on display this past weekend? 86, 867, 8,674    


867 in addition to another 1200 vintage, military and ultralight aircraft.


  1. The attendance at the EAA is estimated this year at about half a million, approximately the same as the population of what city that hosts the world’s largest Fringe Festival?  Orlando, Edmonton, Alberta Canada (812,000) ;  Edinburgh, Scotland, Eatonville, Washington (2,756) 


Edinburgh, Scotland is hosting the world’s largest Fringe Festival from August 2nd – 26th --- 1.8 million Fringers will see shows.  At the same time the Edinburgh Art Festival starts tomorrow, the Edinburgh International Book Festival is also going on and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. 


  1. LOTS of visitors to Edinburgh in August.  In October what brand name product will celebrate its 16th  Eggtoboerfest at Stone Mountain, Georgia  just about 5 miles from the main offices in Tucker, GA? 


The Big Green Egg


  1. 6.   The Big Green Egg is of course not an egg at all … it is a style of a ceramic cooker first created in the southern region of what country? 


  1. Japan.  In English Mushi-komodo means “steam cooker”.  The modern Big Green Egg uses space shuttle ceramic technology.


  1. When cooking over your BGE … you may get hot (although the idea is to keep the damned thing closed) regardless … you may need refreshment.  The largest type of what refreshing beverage was created in New York’s Central Park in June of 1980 from 35 Gallons of Whole Milk, 65 Gallons of Seltzer Water and about 10 gallons of Fox’s U-Bet Chocolate Syrup?


A 110 Gallon egg cream. They make much smaller egg creams at Dippitys where we will have lunchtime trivia starting Tuesday.


  1. An egg cream has no egg an electric eel is not an eel.  What continent will you find electric eels?   


South American in the Orinoco and Amazon rivers


  1. Both of those rivers can be found in Brazil and the nations to Brazil’s immediate north.  What two South American countries do NOT share a border with Brazil? 


Chile and Ecuador


  1. Easter Island is one of the world’s most remote places.  It is over 2,000 miles from the mainland of Chile.  That is about as far away from Orlando as Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.  How far away from any inhabited islands is Easter island?  As far away from us as ST Louis is from Orlando, As far away as Portland, Oregon is, as far away as Boston is, as far away as Savannah, Georgia?  


The 50 or so people of Pitcairn island (descendants of the mutineers of the HMS Bounty) live 1,289 miles from Easter Island…  as far away from Easter Island as Boston is from us. 


  1. My sister and her kids visited Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo yesterday.  She reports that Franklin Park Zoo does not have any elephants, but they giraffes in their Savannah exhibit and what large flightless bird in their Outback Adventure area?   


  1. Emu.