<Bonus material on  Lemurs, Leslie Nielsen, Lorenzo Lamas, Leonard Nimoy and Lindsey Lohan>

In general we do not lecture on living persons.  It’s often hard to separate reality and legend.   We had several suggestions from FMP Facebook followers Malcolm, Stephen and Kenny.

Leslie Nielsen – Recently passed in 2010.  From Regina, Saskatchewan, his father was a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  His brother was Deputy Prime Minister of Canada from 1984- 1986.  He was legally deaf from a very young age.

Leonard Nimoy – Four Days younger than William Shatner. First appeared together in an episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.  The same show was the first TV work for David McCallum – Ducky from NCIS.

Lorenzo Lamas – Argentinian-American. Voice of Meap on Phineas and Ferb.   Starred on The Renegade in the 90s. Step-son of Esther Williams.  Son of Fernando Lamas (The Man from UNCLE and 100 Rifles (Jim Brown, Raquel Welch and Burt Reynolds). Fernando Lamas was best friends with Jonathan Goldsmith (Goldsmith scattered his ashes in the Pacific) – Goldsmith has made a career as a Fernando Lamas impersonator – Goldsmith (NYC Jewish actor) is The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Lindsey Lohan – Your girl was the Disney go-to for remakes The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Herbie Fully Loaded.  Her first TV appearance was in 1992 when she was 6 as a Trick or Treater dressed as garbage on David Letterman (on NBC). 

Lemurs – also suggested by Kenny Wagner

The primates native to Madagascar. BUT – current theory believes that lemurs began 65 million years ago in Africa and accidently rafted across the Mozambique Channel on large mats of vegetation.

Lemurs are marked by a unique combtooth structure top front tooth.

There are over 100 species of lemur on an island about 30% larger than California with a wide array of environments.

Lemurs range in size from 1 ounce to 20 pounds.  Before man’s discovery of Madagascar 2,000 years ago there were lemurs as big as gorillas.

Lemurs have very human looking fingernails not claws.

Labrador (and the Retrievers) Labrador was probably visited by Leif Eriksson within the decades leading up to 1000 CE.

In 1498 (just six years after Columbus) Portuguese explorer Joao Fernandes Lavrodor travelled to the region. That same year he became the first European landowner in North America when granted dominion over this region of North East Canada. Lavrador is Portuguese for … landowner.

I call the province of Newfoundland and Labrador the New England of Canada.  Labrador is the mainland portion of the province, Newfoundland is the island portion.

If Labrador was a US state it would be the 7th largest … its 113,640 square miles would fit it between Arizona and Nevada.

Labrador’s largest urban area combines the twin cities … Happy Valley/Goose Bay has a population of a stunning 7,858. Yes less than 7900.  In fact all of Labrador has a population of 27,659 residents.  Florida has  86 cities with a larger population than all of Labrador (twice the area of Florida).  Winter Park has 27,850, Deland 27,031 and Casselberry 26,241.

Now that we are more familiar with Labrador, let’s talk about the most popular dog breed in the world.  Certainly the most popular breed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the US.   There are 36 Labs for every million people in the US, 311 for every million in the UK.

The Labrador Retriever is not really from Labrador. They are descendants of St John’s Water Dogs.  From St John’s Newfoundland.  Sometimes called Lesser Newfoundlands. Newfoundlands are a cross between St John’s Water dogs and the Mastiff. Labradors were bred and established in England in the early 19th Century.

A Standard Lab is black with occasional white marking at the paws, chest and snout. Those colorations are “The Tuxedo” markings of the ST John’s Water Dog.  

Yellow Labs were originally called Golden Labs but renamed in the early 20th Century because The UK Kennel Club insisted that “Gold” was not a colour.  Where was Crayola when we needed them?

Chocolate Labs are a rich brown and tend to be a little stockier than a standard or Yellow Lab.

Cottonelle toilet tissue uses a Yellow Lab puppy as its mascot.

Ready for the Questions?

1)   The hybrid Labradoodle (still not recognized by AKC) was first introduced in what decade?  The following events happened the same year.  The Salk polio vaccine was approved by the FDA, The Warsaw Pact Treaty went into effect, Lady and the Tramp Premiered, the first Guinness Book of World Records was published.    




2)   The Guiness Book of Records was first created because Hugh Beaver – Managing Director of Guinness Brewery – had an argument and no way to resolve it.  The argument was about animals, sports or human achievements?


Animals – while hunting they wondered whether the Golden Plover or the Grouse was the fastest game bird (Golden Plover).


3)   According to Guinness, which type of bird is the fastest animal, reaching speeds of over 200 MPH in dives travelling everywhere across the world – Except New Zealand?


Peregrine Falcon max recorded speed 242 MPH  (Peregrine means “traveler” or “wanderer”)


4)   Peregrine Falcons eat primarily what type of animals?  Fish, birds, mammals  


Birds – taking out animals as large as Sand Hill Cranes in the air

5)   What two actors (now both 53) starred in the title roles as “The Falcon and The Snowman” in 1985?  Both are divorced twice – one from Debra Winger the other from Madonna. Both were in Taps, Both have won Oscars – one for Ordinary People the other for Mystic River 


Timothy Hutton    Sean Penn


6)   The Falcon and the Snowman told the real life story of US citizens who spied for the Soviets in the 1970s.  Hutton’s character – Christopher Boyce was a falconer.  What was the name of Boyce’s falcon?  It is from the Norman-French for Falconer, It was the name of Albus Dumbledore’s Phoenix in the Harry Potter books and movies AND it was the surname of a Catholic Englishman still remembered in early November in the UK? 




7)   Guy Fawkes was an Englishman who took up Roman Catholicism, fought for Spain against the Dutch and then tried to blow up Parliament and what Protestant King of England, Ireland and Scotland in 1605.  This King is remembered for his commission to translate the Bible into English. 


King James I and (VIth of Scotland).


8)   How many times has King James (aka LeBron James) won the NBA MVP over course of his 10 seasons in the NBA (9 as an All Star).


3 2009, 2010 and 2012


9)   Who has been NBA MVP most often?  Michael Jordan (5), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar or Wilt Chamberlain (4)


Kareem had 5 Lew Alcinder had 1 – total of 6.


10)                 Wilt the Stilt claimed that he slept with 20,000 women …  mainly because he was bad at math. A virgin until he was 15 that would have meant that he slept with 9 different women a week --- every week for the rest of his life.  A more reasonable claim of 4,600 women was made by what Israeli born rock bassist? 


Gene Simmons of Kiss was born in Haifa, moved to NYC when he was 8. He knew no English


11)                 In addition to the 4,600 he also lived for some time with Cher, Diana Ross and most of the last 28 years with what former Playboy Playmate from St John’s Newfoundland and Labrador? 


Shannon Tweed.


Natasha Henstridge – from Species is also from Newfoundland and Labrador