Neckties Neckties date back to the early 1600s worn by Croatian Mercenaries.  In French the word for a tie is cravat … which is believed to be a variation of the pronunciation of Croate. Neckties were a fashion statement of the mid to late 1700s as tight-fitting silk scarves worn the length of the neck with high collars and evolved to bow ties and ascots and the modern cravat and in the 19th Century.

Lincoln is often depicted in a bow tie.  The tie as we know it is almost exclusively a 20th Century invention with the many knot tying techniques.

Chester A Arthur wore an Ascot with a pin in his official portrait. Benjamin Harrison had a wide tie on in his official portrait as President. McKinley was the last President with a bow tie in his official portrait.   

Nene Geese – the official bird of Hawai’i is a descendant of the Canada Goose separated for over 500,000 years. Nene Geese are threatened because they lay their eggs on land and their habitat is being wiped out for development. 

They are now found on just three of the Hawaiian islands: Maui, Kaua’i and Hawai’i.

 They are grazers and browsers, with specially padded feet for walking on rough lava plains.

The Nautilus We would most likely identify The Nautilus as Captain Nemo’s ship in 20,000 Leagues under the Sea…  So let’s start there… 20,000 leagues is 60,000 miles.  Or twice around the world.  It is NOT a measure of depth but distance.

Jules Verne’s Nautilus was named for Robert Fulton’s Nautilus built in 1800 in order to interest Napoleon.  Although successful at several tries in the harbor at Le Havre it was considered too risky by Napoleon and abandoned. 

There have been four US Navy vessels known as the USS Nautilus.  Including the 87 foot schooner of 1799, which was the first ship captured by the British during the War of 1812.  There have been 10 HMS Nautilus ships since 1762 including a 16 gun sloop captured during the War of 1812.

The first nuclear sub was the USS Nautilus launched in 1954, She was also the first ship to sail (submerged) over the North Pole. The Nautilus served from 1955 until 1979 and never fired torpedoes in battle.

A Nautilus is a cephalopod but unlike squid and octopus, Nautilus have an exterior shell and no sucker cups on their up to 90 tentacles. 

Nautilus was an 8 bit Atari game from 1982.

The Nautilus Awards are presented annually Recognizing Books that Promote Spiritual Growth, Conscious Living, and Positive Social Change and the ability to pay the $185 entry fee.


Ready for the Questions?

1)   Nautilus, Inc is a fitness company founded in the 1960s by Arthur Jones.  Jones sold the company in 1986.  Jones died at age 80 of natural causes in Ocala FL.  Chuck Norris is not a spokesperson for a Nautilus Brand.  Nautilus owns all but which of these brands? Bowflex, Schwinn  Fitness, StairMaster or Total Gym. 

Not Total Gym   Arthur’s son Gary Jones created the Hammer Strength line of weightlifting products which is also not a Nautilus line.


2)   I am in many ways like Arthur Jones – I also have two sons and two daughters and more than one wife …  Art had six but who’s counting.   I went to Niagara Falls on my first honeymoon… and then to the Baseball Hall of Fame and museum. Can you name the three falls that make up Niagara Falls?   


The largest Horseshoe Falls is entirely in Canada and is separated from the other two by Goat Island.  The other two are American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls separated by Luna Island.   The Falls have moved – due to erosion over 6 miles in the last 10,900 years. That’s about a mile every 2,000 years. 


3)   In the same family as the beluga whales, measuring 13-18 feet in length, what toothed and tusked mammal can dive as deep as a mile in the freezing arctic waters of Baffin Bay?  This creature has One or two tusks… zero horns in spite of implication in unicorn mythology. 




4)   The local band Erik Narwhal is playing the Escada Bar in Johnston, RI this weekend. Neighboring Massachusetts is home to the New England Confectionery Company – founded in 1901 combining Chase and Co; Bird, Wright and Co; and Ball and Forbes.  New England Confectionery Company offers all but which of tehse candies?  Clark Bars, Mary Janes, SweetHearts, Nerds,  Sky Bar, Squirrel Nut Zippers and NECCO wafers.     Nerds

5)   The candy coated rock candy, Nerds, were first made by what company founded in 1971 to coincide with the release of a movie funded by the Quaker Oats Company?


Willy Wonka Candy Company. Wonka was created as a company in 1971.  Bought by Nestle in 1988. 


6)   Peter Stormare, Aimee Mann and Flea play nerds who are self-described nihilists in what 1998 Coen Brothers comedy – a film about kidnapping, pornography and bowling?


The Big Lebowski  Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Heidegger are noted philosophers who discussed nihilism.  The philosophy that nothing exists or matters.


7)   Speaking of things that don’t exist. New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy – without a written constitution.  Who is the monarch? 


Queen Elizabeth II


8)   Richard Nixon is one of five brothers … all but one named for a real or fictional King of England. Which one was not?  Harold, Arthur, Edward, Donald, Richard. 


Donald Nixon was loaned money by Howard Hughes in 1957 while his brother was Vice President.  Howard Hughes money trail may have been behind the Watergate Break-in.

9)   Nutmeg and what other spice come from the same plant once you break into the fruit of the Nutmeg tree? Allspice, Coriander, Mace, Star Anise  


Mace is made from the red lacy material that covers the seed inside the fruit of the nutmeg tree.  75% of nutmeg is grown in Indonesia 20% in Grenada. 


10)                 Grenada grows which of the following beverages Chocolate, Coffee, Tea?


Coffee grows wild on Grenada from abandoned plantations. 


11)                 The Nutcracker – A Two Act Ballet written by Tchaikovsky and first performed in 1892.  The Second Act includes dances extolling the virtues of Chocolate, Coffee, Tea and concludes with what Clara and the Nutcracker becoming rulers of The Land of Sweets.  What noble title does the Nutcracker hold? Duke, Earl, Prince, Baron




12)                 Full Valence shells make the noble gases unlikely to bond to other atoms. Considered non-reactive. What are the six noble gases?   Helium (He), Neon (Ne), Argon (Ar), Krypton (Kr), Xenon (Xe) and Radon (Rn)


13)                 Which noble gas would most likely be found on The Nautilus because of its use in tri-mix gases for diving? 


Helium  (He O N)