Small Australian marsupial.  It’s three feet long.  Grazing herbivore, eating grasses and roots.  There are three species.  They borrow.  And they have a unique variation in their pouch… since they dig with their front legs their pouch faces towards their back legs.  It’s backwards.

As a marsupial they have very short gestation periods.  Only about three weeks.

Their poop comes out in cubes.  They look like giant bouillon cubes.


Developed in 1953 in Fairfield, CT.  They fiercely defend their patent.  A true waffle ball curves because of the way that air passes through 8 holes.

There are national championships.  Check out www.goldenstickwiffle.com

There are also extravagant wiffle ball fields.  In Essex VT they have built a one quarter scale Fenway Park and Wrigley Field.  www.littlefenway.com has helped raise over $2 million for a wide variety of charities.

Rick Messina is an agent for some very big name comedians.  He has spent over $700,000 building an immense structure with two WIFFLE Ball fields and even bought the house next door and filled in the pool. His complex is called Strawberry Field.

Walla Walla, WA

Washington State is a land of strange and unexpected names in the Pacific NorthWest.  Home to the wettest place in the US – in the Olympic Mountains and high arid desert in the eastern half of the state. 

Washington is the only state named for a US president. 

Washington is the second most populous state in the US West. 60% of that population lives along the coast of Puget Sound in the Seattle Tacoma area.

Spokane (spelled Spock Cain but pronounced Spo can) is the second most populous city and it’s all the way across the state… practically in Idaho. Spokane is named for a tribe that met with the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804.

Most of the northern border of Washington state runs along the 49th parallel… until you get to the coast where Puget Sound opens into the Pacific.  There you will find the San Juan Islands, the Strait of Juan de Fuca – named for a Greek navigator who reportedly sailed for Spain in 1592 and the Strait of Georgia (named for King George III by George Vancouver).  Vancouver Island pushes down below the 49th

Having said that … Vancouver, WA is along the southern border, practically in Oregon on the outskirts of Portland.  Vancouver, WA is the fourth largest city in Washington AND 29 years older than Vancouver, BC.

Which brings us to the place so nice they named it twice… (actual slogan) of Walla Walla, Washington.  Named for the local native tribe.  In Southeast, Washington just 13 miles from Oregon.  A city of just 32,000, it’s the largest city and county seat of Walla Walla county. 

Walla Walla grows a celebrated variation of sweet onion.  They also have a significant number of wineries.  Adam West and Drew Bledsoe grew up in Walla Walla.

Ready for the Questions?

1)    How many other states – beside Washington – allow Same Sex Marriage, Assisted Suicide and the recreational use of cannabis? 




2)    Which US state, which is named for a valley in Pennsylvania, is the leading coal producing state in the US? 



3)    William Henry Harrison was a three term Congressman from Wyoming.  His great-great-grandfather was President William Henry Harrison.  Although only surviving a month in office, Harrison was the oldest man to be President until what former Governor was sworn in (on January 4th, 1981)?




4)    Reagan was President when the Weather Channel was founded in 1982.  Which of the following is the best time to catch a local forecast on the Weather Channel?  7:28, 11:22, 12:15, 3:01   


7:28- Weather on the 8s.


5)    This winter was the first year that the Weather Channel started naming storms.  No coincidence.  This winter the city of Worcester, MA received over 100 inches of snow making it the most snowed on city in the US.  Which of these statements is NOT true about Worcester? Second largest city in New England (181,000), Home to the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence (July 14th – Isaiah Thomas Worcester Spy),  Birthplace of astronaut Neil Armstrong,  home to the “Have a Nice Day” Smiley Face of 1963 – Created for Hanover Insurance – now State Mutual  


Neil Armstrong was born in the town of Wapakoneta, Ohio. 


6)    Neil Armstrong was an Eagle Scout – like 11 of the 12 original astronauts.  I cannot confirm if he was a Cub Scout.  What were the three “rank” awards earned by Cub Scouts before they become WeBeLos? 


Wolf, Bear, Lion.    Lion has been dropped – now its Bobcat, Wolf, Bear – then two years as a Webelo. We’ll Be Loyal Scouts.


7)     For 10 years – until his death in 2012 – Neil Armstrong was the only living American ever depicted on a piece of US currency.  The Ohio State Quarter has Armstrong – in his space suit and the Wright Flyer.  The Wrights were from Dayton, OH.  They also appear on the reverse of what other state quarter?  


North Carolina.  It’s Wilbur you can see on that coin.  He won a coin toss to be first… but he crashed.  So when they flew the second flight Orville was at the controls and Wilbur was immortalized running alongside.  They first flew from Kill Devil Hills (not Kitty Hawk)


8)    Where is the Wright Flyer on display?  You can see it for free… if you are in DC.


Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  They are required not to suggest that any other person pre-dated the Wright’s flight of 1903.


9)    The Air and Space Museum is a popular attraction of the Smithsonian but which museum has had the most visitors in its current building?  American History, Natural History, Postal Museum   


Museum of Natural History built in 1910. 


10)At the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the largest of its type anywhere on earth, which of these animals would NOT be a part of a display of North American animals?  Warthog, Walrus, Wolf     


Warthogs are omnivores of the Sub-Saharan Africa. 


11)Washington State is the second biggest US producer of which of these products, also grown and produced in South Africa?  Fresh Raspberries (90%), Hops for beer production (75%), Apples for juice (73%), Grapes for Wine   


Washington State is the second largest producer of wine after California – First in all the others.