“A 150-foot-wide asteroid will come remarkably close to Earth next week, even closer than high-flying communication and weather satellites,” The Associated Press reported earlier this week. “It will be the nearest known flyby for an object of this size.”

And for those of you who want to know more about this floating “megarock,” dubbed “2012 DA14,” CNN’s Deb Feyerick has got you covered. Indeed, she was there on Saturday to ask the tough questions: Did global warming cause this asteroid?


“Every time we see a storm like this lately, the first question to pop into a lot of people’s minds is whether or not global warming is to blame?” Feyerick said, referring to snowstorm Nemo.

“I’ll talk to Bill Nye, ‘the science guy,’ about devastating storms and climate change,” she added.

After going to a quick commercial break, the CNN anchor jumped right into discussing climate change and “2012 DA14″ with Nye: “Talk about something else that’s falling from the sky and that is an asteroid. What’s coming our way? Is this an effect of, perhaps, of global warming or is this just some meteoric occasion?”