So by now, you've probably seen the "news report" about how kids are smoking bed bugs to get high.

They're not. And though weirder things have happened, this now-viral story is a mere display of clever editing. Let's jump in:


Here's the video making its rounds around the internet this week. Notice how the people being interviewed don't actually mention "Bed bugs" - Especially the guy that said using the drug is "like walking through wet cement" - Remember that quote.

(Video: LiveLeak)


And here's a video about butane hash oil. It ran on ABC15 and features the same interviewees, including the guy who described his experience with has oil as feeling "like walking through wet cement" Sound familiar?

(Video: YouTube/ABC15)


I think this bedbug thing was so out there that people wanted this story this story to be true, and kudos to whoever put this little piece together. Many of its elements seem very believable, down to the fake sign-off at the end using the name of an actual ABC15 reporter.