So much for keeping Church and State separate. Apopka Commissioner Marilyn Ustler McQueen took to Facebook to express her displeasure of her opponent's religion, or lack-there-of. 

"HORRIFYING ALERT!!! IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, AS I AM, WAKE UP!!!" McQueen posted on the social media site. "Much to my surprise last night, I found out that my opponent is not a Christian. She does not have faith in God and feels there is no heaven."

Not a Christian? Say it isn't so! McQueen's opponent in the race for Apopka City Council Seat 2, Diane Velazquez, said she was both suprised and sickened from the comments attacking her faith. 

She told the Orlando Sentinel:

"I have a lot of faith. That's what got me through my husband's lymphoma; my son's two deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan; and my dad's death. But everyone has different views in how they believe in God or don't. For me, it's OK to wonder and question."

Although McQueen deleted the post from Facebook, she still contends that her faith is important for the public office position, saying Apopka is a faith-based community; "I personally would have a difficult time supporting someone who does not have a strong foundation in God's word."

But, it is MY argument that you cannot let your faith drive government policy. America is a melting pot filled with all sorts of different religions, and if you are holding public office you cannot favor one faith over another. 

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