Shannon O'Neil and Chuck Meide, Director of Maritime Archeology at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, came into the studio to talk about some of the artifacts he and his team has discovered.

Here are some pictures of the artifacts Chuck brought in to show us:

Belt buckles from old uniforms:

Chuck showed us this spoon which had an X engraved on it. He said people would often engrave their name on their spoons, and since the owner was illiterate, he used an X. He told us it was a very common thing for people to carry their own spoons around with them.

Chuck compared what he does to CSI investigators. The artifacts he finds tells the story of the past, and he if sold these items, it was a lot like selling evidence in a criminal investigation. 

The St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum is dedicated to discovering, preserving, presenting and keeping alive the story of the nation's oldest port.

Thanks so much to Chuck and Shannon for spending some time with us today, we learned a lot! 

If you are interested in visiting the St. Augustine Lighthouse and learning more about the history of the country's oldest port, visit: