The blues legend B.B. King had a gig in St. Louis recently and things got a bit awkward. You can hear the guitar legend fumble his way through a few bars before gettin' real with the crowd.

"I forgot how to play."

Below is a highlight video from the show in St. Louis. It's a bit lengthy but most of the awkward stuff is at the beginning, check it out:

King and his management have since apologized for the bad performance, stating that King wasn't on his diabetes medicine, and that combined with a 24-hour bus ride prior to the gig threw the guitar player off his game. 

Being a musician myself I can understand the situation. B.B. King may be a legend, not only to blues and guitar, but to music in general, but he's gettin' up there in age and it is completely understandable that your abilities start to slip after a while. The guy is a living legend, cut him a break. 

Nevertheless, the on-stage flub is gloriously cringe-worthy.

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