British man Shuhel Mahboob Ali responded to an online ad last year posted by a undercover agent posing as the father of an underage girl living here in the States. According to federal agents in charge of the sting, Ali's initial response was that he wanted to "settle down with a girl and raise a couple of daughters for 'the lifestyle.'"

Ali described in detail what he wanted to do with his new teenage wife, saying he wanted to "breed", raising an all daughter family. The criminal complaint for Ali's case said that if he [Ali] got the teen pregnant he would want to start abusing their newborn daughter immediately after the mid-wife left. Agents also said Ali described past experiences where he sexually abused children.

Last year on April 13, Ali, 40, travelled to the United States, from London to Sanford, to be with his new teenage wife and create an incestuous family only to be met with federal agents. Authorities said they found two hooded face masks, bondage tape, condoms (although, if he wanted to "breed" I don't know why he would need condoms), cameras among other things in his suitcase along with child porn on his laptop.

Ali pleaded guilty to enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity.

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