CNN's soon-to-be relaunched "Crossfire" will take a page from the original version of show, which aired for 19 years without a live audience.

A CNN executive told HuffPost that there will be no live audience when "Crossfire" returns this fall, a departure from the show's final three years before being canceled in 2005. The new version will be broadcast from CNN's Washington studios. 

Some former co-hosts should be pleased that the new "Crossfire" won't include audience members cheering for hosts like its a sporting event.

Conservative Pat Buchanan, a co-host from 1982 to 2000, told HuffPost in April that he supported bringing back "Crossfire" without a live audience. "People tend to play to it," Buchanan said. "It became less of the real back-and-forth, cross-examination."

And former liberal co-host Bill Press agreed, telling HuffPost in April that there was a "real Crossfire" -- without an audience -- and a "baby Crossfire" with one.

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