Tensions are building in Crimea, Ukraine as the Prime Minister said earlier today that most Ukrainian military units have surrendered to Putin's Russian forces. As the people won their revolt last week in Kiev and took control of the president's building, Putin quickly took action to take advantage of the country's weakness and invaded Crimea with unmarked military forces.

Initially, Putin denied the soldiers were Russian forces, but over the weekend an ultimatum was issued: Ukrainian forces were to surrender by Tuesday morning or face an military assault.


In a press conference earlier today, Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said military units in Crimea surrendered to Russian forces, however, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry in Kiev said in a statement:

“This information is false. All the Ukrainian military units, formations, and warships stay in their permanent locations. Ukraine’s military controls the territories of their military posts.” 

While the units in Crimea may have surrendered to its Russian occupiers, other Ukrainian forces are still engaged in tense stand-offs with Putin's men.

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