An armed man carrying a bag appeared on the steps of the Brevard County Courthouse earlier today and ended in the death of the gunman. 

Deputies took down the suspect after a two-hour standoff; officials still aren't sure what the man wanted. Police have identified the gunman but have not released his name. According to authorities, the suspect had been interview by the FBI and Brevard deputies two weeks ago after threatening to bomb the courthouse, however the threats didn't get to the point where police could arrest him. Sheriff's office intelligence warned that the man might be on his way to the courthouse this morning, so when the gunman showed up, police were ready.

After a standoff that lasted about 2 hours, police were forced to take him out after several attempts to initiate negotiations. After the man was shot down a bomb-squad robot was sent in to inspect that bag that he was carrying, however deputies did not say what was inside.

Thankfully, no one else was hurt. 

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