It was only a matter of time; a juror from the Michael Dunn "loud music" trial has come forward to talk to the media. Juror No. 4 spoke to ABC News, saying two of the jurors were adamant about Dunn acting in self-defense.  

Commentators have raised a question on whether or not Davis' race had anything to do with Dunn's overreaction in the confrontation, drawing parrells from the George Zimmerman case. However, Juror No. 4 stated that Jordas Davis' race never came up in the deliberations. 

The verdict has left many baffled. It appears to be an open-and-shut case of murder. Dunn's claim of acting in  self-defense weren't consistent with witness testimonies. Jon Stewart even had a segment on last night's Daily Show dedicated to the absurdity of it all:

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