Medical Marijuana has been a hot topic in Florida with Amendment 2 appearing on the ballot this November. It's no secret that Attorney General Pam Bondi and Governor Rick Scott are opposed to the measure along with just about every conservative politician in the Sunshine State, with the opposition stating concern about the language of the law to the "unintended consequences" to public health; but now, the Florida Medical Association came out in public opposition to Amendment 2, citing the same concerns.

Surprised? Yeah, me either. 

If the measure passes - and, according to recent polls, it will pass with overwhelming support - the medical marijuana industry will definitely put a dent in pharmaceutical companies' profit margin, which would probably explain why the FMA are not happy with this piece of legislature. Medical cannabis is a much safer alternative to addictive pain medications currently plaguing the state.

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The Florida Medical Associate states that their concern with legalizing medicinal weed is that it would cause great public health risks; now, it is true smoking marijuana is bad for you - not because the plant is harmful, but for the fact that you're inhaling burning plant matter. This is why there are so many alternatives to smoking it such as vaporizing, edibles, and THC pills. But, if smoking a plant is a major concern, why is tobacco still legal?  

Let's not beat around the bush [no pun intended]; the Florida Medical Association is not worried about public health, they're concerned about their bottom line.

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Amendment 2 will pass, get over it and join us in the 21st century.

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