Put aside your feelings and personal beliefs on the American POW Sgt. Bowe Bergdahi for a second; we wont get in to whether or not he was a hero, deserter, or whatever. This post isn't about that - cool? Great, let's begin.

Sgt. Bergdahi's father appeared at a press conference held in the White House Rose Garden with long hair and a big, bushy beard. The soldier's father stated that he was growing his hair out until the day his son came home. Well, according to the folks at Fox News, that means, of course, that his long, bushy hair and beard means he supports the Taliban. 

Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends stated on the show:

"Those with sources tell Fox News that in the executive branch that they're quite baffled by the White House decision to allow the president to stand alongside Sergeant Bergdahl's father, who in the Rose Garden the past weekend has made some anti-American tweets and statements, one of which was, 'I'm working to free all the GITMO prisoners. God will repay the death of every Afghan child.'

"Really? I mean, he says he was growing his beard because his son was in captivity. Your son's out now. If you no longer want to look like a member of the Taliban, you don't have to look like a member of the Taliban. Are you out of razors?"


I knew it! Terrorists! - Photo Credit Getty Images

Jon Stewart called out Fox News on Tuesday night's Daily Show, pointing out the hypocrisy using their support of the guys on Duck Dynasty - all of whom have long bushy hair and beards.