Since the decision was made to suspend Ray Rice for two games for beating his girlfriend, the NFL has had to do a bit of PR work to try and justify the extremely light punishment of beating a woman. News commentator Keith Olbermann slammed the NFL on his show last week (the video of the segment now going viral - seen above), calling out the organization for blatant sexism and their ridiculously light punishment for Rice's actions. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke recently about the controversy: 

(Canton, OH)  --  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is defending a two-game suspension for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice.  Goodell says Rice was suspended despite law enforcement not imposing any discipline after he was charged with assaulting his then-fiancee' at an Atlantic City casino in February. 

The two were married a few weeks later.  Despite criticism, Goodell dismissed the idea that Rice's ban was too short compared to drug-related suspensions, which he attributed to the league's collective bargaining agreement.  Rice issued a public apology for his actions on Thursday.  He avoided prosecution by entering into a pre-trial intervention.