John Oliver's new HBO show, Last Week Tonight, is making its mark already having only been on the air for a couple of months. So far, Oliver caused the FCC's website to crash after he encouraged the internet's worst trolls to flood the dedicated comments page for the Net Neutrality issue, and has even had a fair and balanced debate on Climate Change with 2 deniers up against 98 scientists.

In an earlier segment on Net Neutrality and the FCC, Oliver compared FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to a dingo eating your baby. I guess Wheeler took him literally because during a press conference Wheeler stated "for the record" that he was not, in fact, a dingo.

I guess he wanted to make sure that people didn't think he was a dingo. Well, now that you made the point to state for the record that you are not an animal, Mr. Wheeler, we insist that you provide proof that you are indeed human and not a dingo. Let's see your birth certificate! 

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