In the wake of the bear attacks in Seminole County, about a dozen Florida legislators are now suggesting that the State allow limited bear hunts in specific areas. The lawmakers are also wanting the state's waste-management companies to provide bear-proof trash cans. 

Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford, stated:

"What I'm concerned about mainly is that this continues to happen without intervention and the bears walk up on children who are playing and drag them off into the woods."

Other politicians are calling this "absurd." Rep. Mike ClellandD-Lake Mary, stated:

"It'll only add to the public-safety issue we're dealing with now by having people hunt bears between neighborhoods. It's not the number of bears that we're most concerned about — it's bears interacting with humans. The reason they're interacting with humans is trash. We can solve that problem with bear-proof cans, not guns."


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