Florida's Junior Senator Marco Rubio stepped in it this week when he commented on Climate Change in an interview with ABC News. Essentially, he stated that he believes that climate change is real but is not man made. He claims that the planet's climate has always gone through changes and nothing man has done has caused it to worsen. That is...somewhat true.

Earth has always gone through climate changes, but that is just half the story, merely a talking point Climate-deniers love to use. However, while climate has gone through many changes, scientists are quick to point out that it has never been this bad in the planet's history. The shift in climate has never been so drastic, with greenhouse gases destroying the environment at a very alarming rate. The mass majority of the scientific community, approximately 98.5%, is trying to warn the people of earth. 

Marco Rubio doesn't think the rapid change in climate is anything to worry about. In a clarification about his comments on climate, Rubio states that it would be pointless to implement policy based on the effects of Climate Change because foreign nations like China and European countries wont heed to American climate policies so, therefor, why bother? That's the can-do spirit, Rubio!

Oh, and he said he's ready for the presidency. Some one with such a pessimistic stance on policy is obviously ready for the Oval Office.  

Rubio stated:

“What I disagree with is the notion if we pass cap and trade, for example, this will stop this from happening, when in fact half of the new emissions on the planet are coming from developing countries and half of that is coming from one country, China, that isn’t going to follow whatever laws we pass.”


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