An outrage over a loophole that allows peeping Toms to take "upskirt" pics and/or video sent the country into a frenzy this week, sending Massachusetts legislatures rushing to close it. Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill today that will ban the "upskirt" perverts from getting away with violating women's personal space (among other things), making it officially a misdemeanor.

Now, the act of photographing and/or video recording up a woman's skirt or down her blouse is punishable by up to 2 1/2 years in jail or a fine up to $5,000

Gov. Patricks office stated:

"The legislation makes the secret photographing, videotaping, or electronically surveiling of another person's sexual or other intimate parts, whether under or around a person's clothing or when a reasonable person would believe that the person's intimate parts would not be visible to the public, a crime."

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