Tabitha Renee Elliott, 26, was taking 3 children - Lexi Lynn Elliott, 11 months, Mason Wicks, 3, and Owen Weaver (her friend's child), 3 - to go trail riding in the Ocala National Forest when the truck broke down. Elliott got turned around after exiting the truck and trying to find out exactly where they were in the National Forest. 

They went missing Tuesday afternoon, launching an all-out search by the community and the Marion County Sheriff's Office. Thankfully, Elliott and the 3 children were found unharmed this afternoon around 1:15pm in the Juniper Springs area of the Ocala National Forest by a Sheriff's helicopter. 

In a press conference, Elliott explained that she did not have a cell phone with her and none of them panicked during the situation. She also stated that the kids were running around "like it was playtime." 

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