An Osceola massage parlor was the target for a sex-sting, the Orlando Sentinel reports. An undercover detective sat in the lobby waiting for his turn, observing the activity inside the parlor.

The unidentified agent wrote:

"When I entered, the location was very busy and I was told to wait and would be very happy if I did. During my time in the lobby area I overheard a young voice saying, 'Stop! I don't like that.' 

[The report then states that the detective witnessed two young males quickly exiting a door from the back of the parlor]

The detective's statement continues:

"A female was running after them. She was upset and was yelling at the two males."

After the two young men left the parlor, the detective then witnessed another client exiting from another room, adjusting his clothing and yelling "That was the worst" [happy ending implication here], then turned to the undercover detective and advised him to "go somewhere else." 

The report goes on to state:

"Liu [Zhu Fang Lui, 54, owner of the parlor] then invited me into a room and directed me to remove my clothing," the detective wrote about paying $70 for his massage and stating he was offered sexual pleasure for a good tip. "I told her I would do that but would come back later…I told the members what took place and we would move in after I was briefed on the young males."

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