The above video hit the web last week showing 43-year-old Staten Island man Eric Garner being held by New York City police in an apparent chokehold. Witnesses say that Garner was not acting in any sort of aggressive manner before police brought him to the ground. In the video, Garner can be heard saying "I can't breathe;" the victim, described as a "gentle giant" by family and friends, had a history with asthma.

Police Commissioner William Bratton, after reviewing the video, confirmed that the police activity did, in fact, appear to be a chokehold as defined in the department's patrol guide. NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio has ordered a full and thorough investigation into the incident. 

Garner lay lifeless on the ground while the officers waited on emergency vehicles, repeating to the crowd gathered on the scene "No, he's OK. He's OK." 

He wasn't OK.

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