TALLAHASSEE—Pipes, bongs and hookahs could soon go missing from shelves in Florida.

Rep. Darryl Rouson is sponsoring HB 49 that removes an exception in current law that allows tobacco shops to sell smoking pipes. His bill would ban the sale of all pipes in Florida.

“It’s my intent that the mere sale and possession of these items in the state of Florida are illegal,” Rouson said. “We’re getting specific items off the shelf, not any item that can be used to smoke tobacco and I think I tried to make that clear. We’re not going after granddaddy’s corn cob pipe…there’s a common sense analysis to this bill.”

However, the St. Petersburg Democrat’s bill does not currently provide any exceptions for different kinds of pipes, such as corn cob.

Pipes made from metal, wood, ceramic and more would be outlawed as would water pipes, chamber pipes and bongs. These can currently be purchased from tobacco sellers if the store’s annual gross revenue from the product does not exceed 25 percent. If the bill goes into law, those pipes would have to disappear from shelves by Oct. 1 of this year.

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