Police busted a dog fighting ring in Apopka Tuesday night, arresting 26 people. 14 wounded dogs were rescued from the ring, photos of the bust can be found here, however, be warned that these images are not for animal lovers.

Officials are saying that many of the dogs may have to be euthanized because they were raised to be hostile and aggressive, however Animal Services spokeswoman Diane Summers says it is too early to say what will happen to all of the dogs. 

"We will be assessing them to determine the level of their health and caring for them while the investigation is ongoing," Summers stated.

According to Apopka Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Walsh, the dog fighting ring travelled throughout Central Florida, and at this time it is being reported that at least 2 of the 26 suspects have prior animal cruelty charges. 

Police and Orange County Animal Services also found caged chickens, a rabbit and a raccoon in the raided home off of W. Seventh Street

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