Police have released the suicide notes they found from the two teen suspects in the murder of Windermere Officer Robert German. At the moment it is believed that the two teens, Brandon Goode and Alexandria Hollinghurst, took their own lives after fatally shooting Officer German. 

In the note, Goode addressed his parents saying:

"[I'm] sorry for all the pain and misery I have brought you both, not just now but from these past few years as well. I love you both so much, I love you with all my heart. Please don't be sad, this is what I want now, I get to die peacefully with the woman I love, the woman of my dreams, my fiance (Yes we were engaged!)."

Hollinghurst's note to her parents was a bit more harsh:

"If I had stayed another minute I would have painted the walls and stained the carpets with my blood, so you could clean it up."

Officer German made a "subject stop" on the two teens around 3:57am after the Windermere officer spotted them walking around the Horizon Circle and Conroy-Windermere Road area. After German called for backup, the first-arriving officer found German lying on the road, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

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