Steve Precourt, former state House Representative, was forced to shut down a fund raising committee last fall after using it to raise more than $100,000 from donors for his campaign. He then put what was left of the funds into a non-profit foundation that he himself started. So Precourt had his committee cut his organization a check for almost $9,000 - an organization he founded just 16 days prior to receiving the check. I should also mention that Precourt is president of Share the Joy Foundation, Inc. and his wife the treasurer and the address for the non-profit is Precourt's home address. 

It should be noted, however, that Precourt issued checks to a few other non-profits as well such as JMJ Life Center and Centurion Battalion, but the biggest check was reserved for his own foundation and was the largest donation ever issued by the politician's fund raising committee in its four year existence. 

Precourt has stressed that his foundation has not yet been granted tax-exempt status from the federal government and has not spent any of the funds donated.

Precourt has been at the center of controversy with the recent investigation into the Orlando-Orange Expressway Authority launched by State Attorney Jeff Ashton after it was rumored that the board did back-door dealings to get Precourt in as the new Authority director after the previous director was ousted, a move that would violate Florida's Open Government "Sunshine" Law. Many called foul of the decision to hire Precourt because of his lack of qualifications for the position. 

The Authority board then offered Precourt a month-to-month contract, which he rejected.

Precourt Rejects Expressway Authority Month-to-Month Contract:

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