Florida's governor Rick Scott has been pretty silent on the issue of Climate Change lately but ol' Slick Rick has finally had something to say about it: "I'm not a scientist."

Well, thanks for the update, Ricky. 

In his latest Taking Names column for the Orlando Sentinelfriend of the Phile Scott Maxwell takes on Scott's position - or lack thereof - on Climate Change. With it being an election year and polls showing Scott behind opponent Charlie Crist, Climate Change is a hot-button issue that divides the voting public. The issue of Climate Change does not, however, divide the scientific community with about 97% of experts conclude that Climate Change is real and humans are responsible for its ever-quickening effects.

Maxwell points out that, since Scott is deferring judgement to scientists, his position on Climate Change is that mankind is responsible for a lot of it, and cites it here.

Not too long ago, Florida's junior senator Marco Rubio [who looks to be throwing his hat in the ring for the 2016 Presidential election] stated in an interview that he does not believe Climate Change is caused by man and that even if the States implemented climate policy, we cannot make other nations like China or Russia to follow the United States' lead, so what's the point? Yeah, that kind of optimistic approach is ideal for the highest office in the nation.

Read Scott Maxwell's latest column on Gov. Scott's Comments on Climate Change

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Marco Rubio on Climate Change: