Russia Today's anchor, Abby Martin, ended Tuesday's broadcast with a harsh criticism about Russia's Crimea invasion, saying "what Russia did was wrong."

Martin is an American anchor on an English-speaking channel on Russian TV. Russia Today has been covering the crisis in Crimea by portraying the Ukrainian people as "hammer-weilding nationalists" and claiming the soldiers in Crimea are "self-defense forces" despite evidence that they are indeed Russian soldiers.

Russia responded to Martin's criticisms by saying they will send her to Crimea so she can know exactly what is going on.

Martin ended Russia Today's broadcast, saying:

"I can't say enough how strongly I am against any state intervention in a sovereign nation's affairs," she said at the end of the show, Breaking the Set.

"What Russia did is wrong. Military intervention is never the answer, and I will not sit here and apologise or defend military aggression.

"Furthermore, the coverage I have seen of Ukraine has been truly disappointing from all sides of the media spectrum and rife with disinformation."

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