Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Climate Change:

The American Association for the Advancement of Sciencelead by Dr. Mario J. Molina, released a new report today warning that the effects of human emissions of heat-trapping gases are already being seen and the window of opportunity to try and combat the negative effects is quickly closing. 

The report from the AAAS states:

“The evidence is overwhelming: Levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are rising. Temperatures are going up. Springs are arriving earlier. Ice sheets are melting. Sea level is rising. The patterns of rainfall and drought are changing. Heat waves are getting worse, as is extreme precipitation. The oceans are acidifying.”

Interview with Dr. Mario Molina on Climate Change:

Visualization of Climate Change: 

Dr. Molina goes on to warn that the cost of doing nothing to combat climate change could be catastrophic.  

Read the full article published by the New York Times