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On Wednesday night's 'Colbert Report', the caricature commentator brought up young Noah's appearance on the local news, a video that quickly went viral, where Stephen Colbert compared the young newsman-in-the-making to FOX News' Sean Hannity with Noah's love of (adorably) saying "apparently" with Hannity's love of saying "literally." 

Well, surprise surprise, Hannity didn't enjoy Colbert's segment at all. In an interview with TVNewser, Hannity stated:

"First of all, he’s not as funny as Jon Stewart. Stephen Colbert will have the lowest-rated late night show.

"Maybe Stephen Colbert needs to come over here and get a dose of reality. He sits in the comfort of his studio, reading jokes written for him by 30 writers."

Apparently, Hannity cannot take a joke....literally. 

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