Seminole County student at Carillon Elementary School claimed that she was told that she was not allowed to pray when a lunchroom supervisor spotted the 5-year-old bowing her head. Marcos Perez, the girl's father, was outraged and has taken to the media to express his concern...almost a month after the incident.

The Phile questioned the legitimacy of the story; Perez didn't express concern when this event was said to have happened on March 10, almost a month prior to Perez taking the issue public, but instead is taking to the media now, just a few weeks behind the launch of a new book the publishing company he works is releasing, which is about this sort of subject. Hmmm, interesting. 

And now, school district spokesman Mike Lawrence stated earlier today that, after looking into the claim, they could not find any evidence that suggests the child was told not to pray. You can see the original video above; many believe the student's words are coached by her parents.

Lawrence told the press:

"We found zero evidence an incident ever occurred. There's no proof whatsoever.

"We apologized for the incident she believes occurred, but there was nothing warranted or found" [in the investigation].

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