Seven bears have been killed since the attack on a Seminole County woman, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Spokesman Greg Workman stated earlier today. Workman responded to the negative criticism of euthanizing the bears, claiming the bears simply cannot be relocated.

Workman stated:

"These bears are not wild bears that are doing wild activities. They have been conditioned by human-provided food, and that particular reason, they have no fear of us. That's a dangerous situation. We can't relocate that bear to another area."

These bears are not typically aggressive; they usually only attack if approached or threatened. Open trash attracts the bears with a promise of food. Rep. Mike McClelland believes bear-proof trash cans are the answer to the problem. 

McClelland stated:

"The bear-proof cans seem to be, at least in part, an answer to this, because it closes off a major food source for these bears."

Well, duh.


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