The St. Johns River Water Management Distric has recently approved an increase in water withdrawals out of the Floridan Aquifer for the Niagara Bottling company, allowing the company to DOUBLE the amount they pump out of the already fragile supply. 

St. Johns issued a news release stating that this will reduce - you read that right, REDUCE - the company's impact on Lake County's water supply. St. Johns will require Niagara to pump from deeper wells to reduce impact - somehow. 

This news is confusing considering just months ago St. Johns issued a statement on the fragile state of the Floridan Aquifer, with the amount of water from the upper wells diminishing. They even stated that using 50 million more gallons a day would cause the wetlands to dry up and lake levels to go down.

St. Johns has given a lot of leeway to a company not even based out of Florida.  


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