Former Florida politician Steve Precourt is a raven calling the crow black.

Precourt recently turned down a month-to-month contract as director of the Orlando Orange Expressway Authority, now he's accusing State Attorney Jeff Ashton of "back-door dealings" with the Expressway Authority.

Precourt was originally going to take over the director position after reaching his term limit as a state representative but Ashton told the Authority to hold off until his office investigates a claim that the board and Precourt violated the "Government in the Sunshine" law which restricts officials from talking about agency business in private settings. Shortly after Ashton announced his investigation the Expressway board offered Precourt a month-to-month contract but the former representative turned it down. 

Precourt claims the Authority board made a deal with Ashton to force him to reject the position. Precourt wrote to Orlando Orange Xounty Expressway Authority chairman Walter Ketcham:

"This behavior is morally and ethically wrong, as well as wrong on so many levels. This has damaged my family. We spent a large amount in legal fees to establish a blind trust and negotiate the employment agreement you later repudiated. I walked away from my final session in the Legislature, forfeiting almost a full year's participation. Those are opportunities and costs to us that are wasted."

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