Malaysia Flight Changed Directions Before Vanishing: 

The missing Malaysia flight has baffled people world-wide as the search continues for the missing plane. Despite officials warning family and friends of the missing passengers to prepare for the worst, loved ones still have hope. On Monday it was reported that family members have tried calling the cell phones of the missing passengers with the phones actually ringing, indicating that the phones - at that time - were still on and functional and begged officials to track the phones before the batteries died. [More on that here]


Malaysia Airlines Flight Crash Missing: Men With Stolen Passports Identified:

Investigators have found that a couple of passengers on the missing Malaysian flight used fake passports which has lead officials to believe that this might be an act of terrorism. It was found that 2 Iranian nationals purchased the fake passports on the Black Market in Thailand, although there isn't any solid evidence that supports the theory just yet. [More on the fake passports here]

Malaysia Flight 777 Crashes Near Vietnam Coast: 

And now, the latest reports are saying that the Malaysia Flight 777 crashed near the Vietnam coast. These reports have not been confirmed, however.

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