The new Harry Potter expansion has finally been given an opening date: July 8th!

There has been a lot of buzz about Diagon Alley ever since the announcement was made about Universal's plan for a Harry Potter expansion. The original section of Islands of Adventure focused on Hogsmeade, which is the small town just outside of Hogwarts in the Potter universe. The new expansion focuses on Diagon Alley - basically where the witches and wizards go shopping. Of course, you can visit Ollivander's to buy a wand, go to Gringotts, and you can even ride the Hogwarts Express!

Even Jimmy Fallon is part of the hype - The Tonight Show is taping at Universal all this week to promote the expansion with guests like comedian Kevin Hart and pop icon Jennifer Lopez.

Jimmy & Higgins Go Wand Shopping:  

Orlando Sentinel's Sneak Peak:  

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