Jim was right yet again. It was debated whether or not Magic Johnson announced he was not gay on the Arsenio Hall in the early 90's.

Arsenio: There are misconceptions in the community in general. Obviously there are people who in the back of their mind think that this might be a homosexual-relationship disease. And you know… I’ll let you go from that.

Magic: Well, first of all, I’m far from being a homosexual, you already know that. (Sustained applause) And everybody close to me understands that. See that’s the whole thing, that they think it can only happen to gay people. And that’s so wrong. Even I was naïve to think hey, well, it can’t happen to me, only them or this and that. That’s so wrong. Heterosexuals are — it’s coming fast, and we have to prepare for it and practice safe sex.


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