Dr. Seuss Would've Been 114 Today!

A Seuss Inspired Poem

Short stories and books and endless quotations. His imagination sparked ours with much inspiration. And not only that, with his Cat in the Hat, there's even a theme park land! Now how about that?! Characters and rhymes, nonsensical words. We all loved reading his nouns, quips, and verbs. Oh, places we will all go, because of his dreams. Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! Today, he would've been 114!

Seuss Landing

Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure is probably one of my most favorite themed lands in any theme park. To celebrate Theodor Geisel's birthday today, here are a couple photos and video I captured from that whimsical land! Did you know because there aren't any straight lines in the illustrations in Dr. Seuss books, you'll be hard pressed to find any within Seuss Landing! How cool is that? What are your favorite Seuss stories? Let me know in the comments to this post!

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