Have you tasted this? I HAVE!

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Have you tasted this?


I tasted some "Opti-Greens 50" at Costco in the health food isle. I did not think it was that bad! I felt like I was drinking something that was good for me. Lindsey Pelas says, if you drink it you can look like her!! 


I kind of look like a PE coach here and I'm kind of into it šŸ¤“ haha. About to board my flight to New York but before I left, I had my morning Opti-Greens 50 with a glass of water. Last night I stopped by a juicer and I literally had 2 sips of my $8 purchase before I threw out whatever combo of grass/dirt/ass I so ambitiously purchased. I'll stick with this natural berry flavored remedy from now on. 11+ servings of vegetables in 1 serving and a good taste >>>> I'm down. @1stphorm #1stPhorm

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