Russ Rollins, Why have a Monsters YouTube channel?


Russ, Why did you start the Iheart Monsters YouTube channel?

I started the YouTube channel because I wanted to promote the radio show. Billboards are old school and who knows if they get people to listen. We have been the a major force in talk radio for many years now, but times are changing. When times change, we have to be able to change with the times. YouTube is another way to make people laugh and to let more listeners enjoy the show. It doesn't come without a price.

The YouTube channel has been produced by the great people at "3 Arrows Creative". I'm very happy with the work they're doing for us, but please know , work this good is not free. Yes, we could have just used our cell phones and filmed each other. That's not the type of production Monster fans expect from us. I wanted it to be bigger than life and better than any morning show I've seen. I think the guys from "3 Arrows" have done that.

It should be noted, Iheart is not paying for the YouTube Channel. This is coming out of my pocket and it's not cheap. To have something good, we had to pay a nice price. I hope to get the subscriptions up to a respectable number, so we can get a few sponsors to make the costs easier on me and my family. ( I would be GLAD to take any sponsors now!!!!)

Also I want to acknowledge, Carlos Navarro, Savannah and Angel have guided me toward embracing YouTube. I was not aware of the power of this social media platform. In just 4 months we have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of listeners from ALL OVER THE WORLD. It has been huge, and Carlson, Savannah and Angel were the first to point this out to me.

I hope you enjoy the channel. I hope you share the channel. I REALLY hope you know someone that would like to offset the costs for me! lol

But honestly, I hope the YouTube makes some people laugh. That is all I've ever wanted in talk radio. To make people laugh and enjoy themselves. I'm not the best business man. I never wanted to have the show on in 50 markets to make a lot of money.... no, I just wanted everyone to enjoy the show. I want to make money, of course, but it's never been my driving force. 

If the "Monsters in the Morning" ever made you laugh on XM, AM, FM, Iheart, 104.1 of Iheart Monster YouTube..... If my show ever made you laugh , I feel i've done something right.

Russ Ray Rollins

Host of 

The Monsters in the Morning

ps LIVE YouTube shows on Friday (Friday Monsters Live - FML)

If we sell out.... LIVE broadcast of the Monster Comic of the year show!


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